Perfection has a price.

On this page you will find a collection of artwork inspired by TEN. Click on the thumbnails for full images.

The following pencil drawings are by the talented Irka. Send an email and let Irka know what you think! She has a site available here. It is in Spanish and currently under construction, but has a growing English section too. Irka is a hugely talented artist and I urge you to pay a visit to her site to see more of her excellent works.

Please note that the thumbnails don't show all of the image.

Here we see Ranma and Akane sitting in the bath as Ranma explains a little about her various tattoos.
(Image: 660x355, 41kb)
Here we see Ranma wearing her cloak.
(Image: 600x823, 86kb)
Ranma looks at his father's sword in wonder as he begins to comprehend its power.
(Image: 600x1104, 97kb)
Shampoo looks down at Ranma's scorched body, amazed that she is still alive.
(Image: 500x589, 73kb)
Here we see Ukyo Kuonji ready to challenge Ranma to a duel.
(Image: 350x677, 36kb)
Akane tries to pull Ukyo's sword from a wounded Ranma's stomach.
(Image: 657x480, 42kb, colour)
Akane pulls the water blade, Shoryoutensei, from the waters of the spring.
(Image: 394x531, 33kb)
Ranma stands protectively in front of Akane as the hunter confronts them.
(Image: 550x457, 57kb)
Ranma leaps out of the spring, throwing off her cloak as she removes the hunter's sword from her chest.
(Image: 500x702, 138kb, colour)
Ranma kisses the hunter moments before she kills him.
(Image: 600x423, 62bkb)
Ranma wonders just what is happening to her hair as Shampoo looks on.
(Image: 591x450, 43bkb)
Ranma questions the captured soldier as Shampoo practices her swings.
(Image: 591x379, 46bkb)
Ranma and Akane face off against each other, as Ryukyu and Ryujin watch on.
(Image: 800x614, 98kb)
Akane looks through a window, smiling at the simple beauty of the forest outside.
(Image: 404x316, 37kb)
A nice background version of the picture above.
(Image: 800x600, 115kb)
"Your hand ... it's warm."
(Image: 591x675, 72kb)
Akane presses her hand to the water, and the water embraces it.
(Image: 315x460, 37kb)
Akane makes one final, desperate strike against Ukyo, who is unable to block it.
(Image: 551x801, 74kb)
Ukyo looks on as Ryoga and Yoiko open the capsule that holds her.
(Image: 787x777, 102kb)
Ranma watches with frustration as Akane meditates at a stream.
(Image: 500x377, 38kb)
Ranma fights off three Hidari; meanwhile, the remaining clone threatens Akane.
(Image: 700x487, 79kb)
Kayoko stands warily, ready to defend her home.
(Image: 383x709, 77kb)
Kayoko and Ranma embrace, once Kayoko realises it is her childhood friend that has come to visit her.
(Image: 500x491, 58kb)
Kayoko and Ranma embrace, once Kayoko realises it is her childhood friend that has come to visit her. (This is the original version with red hair for Ranma, which is not correct for the story but in my opinion makes for a better picture.)
(Image: 500x491, 61kb)
Kayoko sneaks up and takes Ukyo by surprise, saving Ranma from Ukyo's newfound sword, to which Shampoo has already fallen victim.
(Image: 750x680, 74kb)
Kayoko holds out a hand for Ranma, whilst holding Shampoo steady with the others. Her wings glow radiantly behind her, awakening something within the water below.
(Image: 984x628, 272kb)
Angel, the Alpha Team medic, gives Ukyo a bemused glance aboard the transport helicopter carrying them out of the Leviathan Spring.
(Image: 600x906, 116kb)
Ukyo, disguised in her combat uniform, looks down at Ranma's arm after defeating her.
(Image: 500x629, 79kb)
Akane takes hold of Ryoga's arm, much to his surprise.
(Image: 800x636, 126kb)
Ranma gets a little too close for comfort.
(Image: 600x309, 58kb)
Akane-Ryujin, the angel ...
(Image: 650x719, 111kb)
... and Ranma-Ryukyu, the demon.
(Image: 394x692, 113kb)
Akane tends to Nine's injury.
(Image: 600x492, 57kb)
Akane wields a water-staff against the Hidari.
(Image: 800x994, 170kb)

The following are logos I've made for the story.

This is the main logo for the story. The kanji is 'ten', meaning 'from the sky' or 'heaven'.
(Image: 200x212, 21kb)
This is a much larger version of the ten kanji.
(Image: 1024x768, 82kb)
One more variation on the logo. This one doesn't show up too well as a thumbnail, but has a rather nice fabric effect.
(Image: 1024x768, 187kb)

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